Tragedy struck San Diego the morning of Feb. 24 after police found a pedestrian dead on the freeway. California Highway Patrol has reported they found an unidentified man killed in a car accident on the side of Interstate 5, the victim of what appears to be a hit-and-run. However, police have noted they have leads on a male and female suspect in the case.

According to highway patrol, they were alerted to the accident around 2 a.m. the morning of Feb. 24 after finding blood marks on the highway and a sneaker in the middle of the road. The scene was immediately shut down, and vehicles were diverted around the scene to facilitate the police investigation. The individual, who has not been publicly identified in the press, was pronounced dead at 2:44 a.m.

Investigators on the scene found a license plate, which they believe was left behind by the hit-and-run vehicle involved in the accident. The plate matched a vehicle that was abandoned at a nearby gas station. The vehicle had sustained damage to its hood and windshield, consistent with the suggestion that this vehicle had struck the pedestrian. They are still investigating possible owners of the vehicle after a witness reported seeing a man and woman drive into the station with a vehicle matching the license plate at the scene.

When an individual is killed in a car accident, the family of the deceased often seeks justice for the individual who facilitated that accident. In this case, the occupants of the vehicle, when found, will likely face criminal charges. In addition, California law will allow the family to file a wrongful death suit in civil court against all parties involved.

Source:, “Man dies after hit and run crash early Saturday morning”, Heather Hope, Feb. 24, 2018