Focused drivers help to prevent motor vehicle accidents. These drivers are aware, alert and free of distraction. California drivers must heed the rules of the road while maintaining an alert state of mind. Follow these tips to be a careful driver and to help keep the roads safe.

Be alert, awake, and aware.

When someone is about to drive, they must make sure they are in an awake and alert state of mind. Being an alert driver is an essential factor to getting behind the wheel safely. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings, and focus on the road ahead.

People must pay attention to other drivers, since they may not be paying attention to the road. It is important to be the defensive driver that is able to analyze potentially dangerous situations and road conditions. By being proactive and focusing on the road, drivers are helping to prevent motor vehicle accidents.

Prepare accordingly for a trip.

Prepared drivers know where they are going, and have their passengers under control. To be a safe and prepared driver, make sure the destination is already in the GPS before the trip begins. Be certain that passengers will be respectful and will not contribute to any distracted driving. If there are children traveling in the car, make sure their needs are taken care of before heading out onto the road.

Minimized distractions will help the driver to stay focused and mindful. This ensures that a driver is in protected conditions for the duration of the ride, and can get to their destination safely.

Don’t multitask.

With everyone’s busy lives, it is easy to get caught up in multitasking while driving. However, it is important to remember that safety comes first. Multitasking while driving may seem effortless, but in reality it is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. People who have their attention split between the road and their phone are causing the road to be unsafe.

Texting and driving has become a significant issue that everyone must be aware of, and take action to prevent. People are killed nearly every day due to the new trend of using a cell phone while driving. Accident prevention starts by practicing safe driving habits that keep people focused and ready to be defensive drivers.

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