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Improper Use of Technology Puts Motorists at Risk

Technology poses a threat to the safety of both drivers and passengers. People become distracted by texting, using social media, or even attempting to make a phone call without using a hands-free device. Digital technology is designed to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient, but if used improperly, can put those on the road at risk. In order to be a safe driver and careful passenger, use technology properly behind the wheel.

The text can wait

Texting and driving has become an increasing cause of accidents around the world. Drivers focus on their phones and put themselves, as well as others around them, at risk for a motor vehicle accident. If sending a text message is necessary, do so before or after the trip. Texting on the road can lead to various dangers for both drivers and passengers.

If there is a passenger in the car, have him or her send the text message. This ensures that the driver does not have to look away from the road and is aware of his or her surroundings. The passenger can safely send the text and no lives are put at risk.

Safety is greater than social media

Many people feel the constant need to “check in” to places on social media, and live stream their traveling. As a driver of a vehicle, this activity is incredibly dangerous. Focusing on taking a video of driving and different sights along the way puts everyone’s lives at risk.

Avoid this by pulling over into a safe place and when the car is no longer in a dangerous area on the road, post content to social media. Even have a passenger safely take photos or video of the trip as well. Using technology in a safe, smart way does not put anyone’s life at risk.

Use Bluetooth features

Remember to use Bluetooth for phone calls made in the car. This digital technology helps to make sure that drivers and passengers are riding safely in the car, and can still perform the necessary function of making a phone call. Hands-free devices are useful and safe when used in the proper way.

Bluetooth helps to ensure that the driver’s eyes do not leave the road. The moment a driver looks away from the road, they are putting their own life, and the lives of others in jeopardy. Avoid this by taking advantage of the Bluetooth features in motor vehicles today.

If you’ve been a victim of distracted driving…

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