Three teens visiting from out of state died in a tragic crash on Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. California authorities in Huntington Beach confirmed the fatal car accident happened around 1 a.m. the morning of March 29. A 27-year-old individual has been arrested in connection with the accident, under suspicion of drunk driving. 

According to the accident report, the three teenagers, who have not been identified pending a coroner’s report, were stopped at a traffic light in the early morning when their vehicle was rear-ended. The force of the impact between the two vehicles was so traumatic it sent the teens’ car into the middle of the intersection, where it caught fire. The driver, along with two passengers, were pronounced dead at the scene when authorities arrived, and a third passenger was rushed to a local hospital in unknown condition. 

The driver of the second car was arrested on the scene and charged with DUI causing injury and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. That individual has been booked into a local jail to await a trial date. No such date has been announced as of this report. 

If it is proven the second driver was drunk at the time of the fatal car accident, that person will likely face criminal consequences. In addition, the families of the deceased as well as representatives of the injured party would be entitled under California law to file wrongful death and/or personal injury lawsuits against the driver in civil court. Police evidence can be used to bolster their claim against the driver and/or anyone with ownership interest in the involved vehicle. 

Source:, “3 Las Vegas teens killed in California car crash“, Mick Akers, March 29, 2018