49-year-old woman was walking her bike across the street when a self-driving Uber vehicle going 40mph failed to stop, leaving her with fatal injuries. An Uber test-driver was behind the wheel, but police say there is no significant evidence of the vehicle attempting to stop. The National Transport Safety Board is opening an investigation.

Self-driving cars are safety concerns for both other vehicles on the road, and pedestrians. The technology has not been perfected and there have been other accidents involving self-driving cars. Self-driving vehicles are specialized with software in order to perform the way a human driver would, but these technologies are not perfected. If self-driving cars and human drivers are on the road at the same time, the vehicles are subject to human error.

Safety is concerning with self-driving cars.

Although new technology has allowed for the creation of self-driving vehicles, safety is a major concern. Having vehicles on the road with no one to control them poses a threat to pedestrians, as seen with fatal injuries in accidents between pedestrians and self-driving cars.

These vehicles must be fully tested in order to ensure safety. Testing these vehicles poses a risk to the person in the car, and others around where the vehicle is tested. This is a necessary function to perfect the self-driving technology, however it puts lives at risk. Uber, Tesla, and other car companies developing these technologies must be ready to take on the risk of testing these vehicles in various locations.

Machines are not subject to human error.

Another concern with self-driving cars is that these vehicles are not subject to the same error as human drivers are. Once there is a mixture of self-driving vehicles and human drivers, there is significant danger on the road. The self-driving vehicles do not process the environment the same way as humans might. The differences between self-driving vehicles and human drivers are too great to have both vehicles on the roads simultaneously.

In order for self-driving vehicles to perform similarly to humans, they must be tested so that the vehicles can properly sense the infrastructure and safely ride alongside other vehicles. This testing is dangerous, but also necessary in order to make sure the technologies are working effectively.

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