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Automobile AI is advancing swiftly, but will it ever be 100% safe?

The world is shifting to predominantly digital platforms across all industries. In the automobile industry, there is significant change in the way cars are created and operated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the user interface of vehicles, as well as the way they drive.

AI is the driving force in self-driving vehicles.

The most well-known innovation incorporating artificial intelligence is self-driving cars. AI makes it possible for cars to respond with human-like tendencies. This means the vehicle can respond accordingly to movement, sound, and environmental changes.

The danger is that these machines are not subject to human error. The machines will create a seemingly perfect simulation, but other human drivers on the road will not be expecting such precision. Instead, the human drivers will expect imperfection, and this confusion causes accidents. Uber and Google have already experienced fatal accidents while testing their self-driving cars.

Toyota’s AI company is inventing cars for the less able population.

Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, created a company specifically to explore the world of artificial intelligence. Toyota’s endeavors include building cars that assist drivers so that those who are less able can drive more effectively. Drivers can talk to their cars, and the vehicle will respond accordingly. This incorporates sensory innovations for the machine to respond to human voices. This technology is like Siri for the iPhone, only much more refined and effective to help those drivers who need a little more assistance.

Infotainment systems are forever changing the driver experience.

The hardware and software that make up this sector of artificial intelligence are growing more and more complex. Along with high-tech voice recognition abilities, artificial intelligence has added gesture recognition, eye tracking, driver monitoring, virtual assistance, and natural language interfaces to the mix. The goal is to have the vehicle behave and respond to the driver as a human would. The driver experience has become simpler in terms of convenience. AI is helping to keep drivers focused on the road by lessening their tendencies to play around with the technology inside the vehicle, and rather have a better and less stressful experience.

If You Have Been Injured…

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