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Apple iCars Are Hitting California Roads

Apple, the well-renowned master of technology, now has a permit to launch 55 self-driving cars for testing on California state roads. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, spoke about testing these self-driving vehicles only last summer. Apple is now entering the world of motor vehicles at a rapid pace.

The iCar will change the motor vehicle industry forever.

Although the motor vehicle industry is shifting towards driving automation and artificial intelligence, the iCar will further make for further significant change. Apple has been quiet about its progress on developing what is rumored to be the best of the self-driving automobiles, but the company now has a permit to put these vehicles to the test.

The iCars do not have to have a person in the driver’s seat while operating on the Golden State roads. This is a unique, yet concerning advancement in the automobile industry. Self-driving cars are becoming a truly self-operated vehicle, without someone in the driver’s seat to potentially take control if the vehicle makes a mistake. This poses safety threats, as seen with Uber’s car accident with its self-driving vehicle.

Unique iCar features will put this self-driving vehicle ahead of the game.

The iCar features include various specialties, ranging from 3D detection system to modified versions of Siri. Apple is striving to lead the self-driving vehicle movement by creating a car that is far more technologically advanced than those out there today.

Apple will have an incredibly advanced self-driving vehicle, with more innovative digital technology installations. Fully automated parking is just one feature of this life-changing car. Apple plans to install iCars with the most efficient technologies and advanced systems to make these self-driving cars one-of-a-kind.

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