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2018 Summer Driving Tips


The infamous road tripping season is here. Whether you are driving to the beach with friends or going on a family vacation, safety in the car is always the most important factor.

During the summertime, there is an increase of vehicles on the road due to the influx of vacationers. There are tourists on the road that may not know exactly where they are going, and can be distracted by looking down at their GPS or maps. To avoid an accident, be patient with others drivers, and be wary of other vehicles on the road. Follow these tips to ensure your safety:

Plan your trip before you begin driving.

It is easy to get caught up planning a trip at the last minute. However, in order to focus on the road, drivers should put their destination into the GPS before beginning a trip. The summer is a time for families to vacation and explore, but this should not compromise the safety of others on the road. Plan ahead to have a safe ride.

Check the air conditioning to make sure it’s effective.

There are few worse things than traveling a long way in a car during the summer with no air conditioning. Be sure to check your A/C system to make sure it is running properly. It is important that the driver, as well as the passengers, can travel at a comfortable temperature to make for an enjoyable road trip.

Be sure to check and replenish your emergency roadside kit.

Although road trips are an exciting endeavor, vehicles may be affected by the heat, and something can go wrong on the road. Make sure that your emergency roadside kit is stocked with the proper tools in case something goes wrong inside the car. Replenish any items that may have been used throughout the year to ensure your backup plan of safety.

Keep your passengers in check.

If you are traveling with children, it is necessary to make sure they have everything they need for the road before the trip begins. According to, kids can be 12x more distracting than cell phones. If a driver feels the need to turn around to help a child in the back seat, the safety of the driver and their passengers is jeopardized. To avoid this, take care of all children’s needs before the trip starts.

If You Have Been Injured…

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