An unknown individual was airlifted to a hospital following a single-car crash on State Route 166, according to Santa Barbara County Fire Department officials. The car accident was responded to by several California emergency services, including firefighters from Santa Maria City. The California Highway Patrol is still in the process of investigating the crash, and they have not yet filed charges against the driver. 

According to the accident report filed by Santa Barbara County emergency services, around 10:30 a.m. the morning of June 3, firefighters were called to respond to an accident on State Route 166 near Tepusquet Road. Los Padres National Forest officials also took part in the response. They discovered a vehicle carrying two occupants that had traveled some 100 feet off the road before coming to rest. How the vehicle left the road is still a mystery at this time. 

Both occupants of the vehicle had to be cut out of the car. One occupant was airlifted to a medical center nearby with injuries described as major. The other occupant was taken via road ambulance with injuries described as moderate. Police and fire officials still do not know what caused the car to leave the road, but their investigation is still ongoing. 

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, California authorities may choose to file charges against the driver for recklessness, negligence or even intoxication if applicable. Even if charges are not filed in criminal court, the injured passenger is still entitled under state law to file a personal injury suit in civil court for the injuries he or she suffered in the car accident. They are free to make use of any evidence gathered by police that might point to financial responsibility on the part of the driver.