A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle that swerved onto the curb at LAX, Thursday morning, June 21, 2018. After what may have been a medical emergency, the driver swerved onto the curb, hitting a single pedestrian sitting on a terminal bench. Following the accident, lanes were closed down near terminal five; causing major traffic delays at LAX. According to Sgt. Allan Rabina of the Los Angeles police department, the pedestrian was stable in route to the hospital with no life threatening injuries.

Senseless Accidents

This is one of many cases where an unsuspecting victim is struck by a vehicle on the sidewalk. In this scenario, the victim was sitting on the bench during the time of the incident, having no ability to escape the oncoming vehicle. Regardless of your position near a street, you should always pay attention to your surroundings. For example, using a handheld device while crossing the road may be one of the most unsafe activities you can do. Pedestrian accidents are extremely dangerous for the unprotected pedestrian as injuries can range from road-rash to death. If you use a protected pedestrian crossing or simply j-walk, you are always at the mercy of those driving vehicles.