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California Is Now Allowing Driverless Cars To Carry Passengers

The California Public Utilities Commission has now authorized two programs in which driverless cars are allowed to carry passengers. With this invention, artificial intelligence will forever change the future of the motor vehicle industry.

The first program requires a “driver” to be present in the car.

One driverless car passenger service program that the CPUC authorized states, “the first pilot program authorizes Transportation Charter-Party Carrier (TCP) permit-holders to use test autonomous vehicles to provide passenger service, as long as the TCP permit-holder also holds an ‘Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program Manufacturer’s Testing Permit’ issued by the DMV” ( In this program, there must be a “driver” present in the car that is able to properly operate the vehicle, should anything go wrong. This permit also states that the company cannot charge passengers for the ride.

The second program does not require a driver, but they are remotely monitored.

Another program authorized by the CPUC allows the driverless car to be monitored remotely, without a human driver in the car. “Companies that wish to participate in this program are ‘not allowed to operate from or within airports; must limit the use of the vehicle to one chartering party at any given time (i.e., fare-splitting is not permitted); must ensure that the service can only be chartered by adults 18 years and older; and may not accept monetary compensation for the ride,’ according to the CPUC statement” (

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the motor vehicle industry.

Driverless cars are the products of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is becoming more human-like by the day. Google and Uber already have driverless cars that can behave much like human drivers. Although these companies are still working out the kinks in the technology, these vehicles do exist and are projected to hit the roads alongside human drivers very soon. This will pose a whole new world of dangers on the road.

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