June 24th was the 26th CicLAvia and people came out in droves to celebrate the city of Los Angeles on bicycle. For those unfamiliar with CicLAvia, cyclists gather in a specific starting location and bike through various neighbor hoods of the greater Los Angeles area. The most recent occurrence started in Panorama city and ended in Pacoima. Riders of all ages enjoyed the scenery from a different vantage offered by car travel. “There’s so much stuff that you miss when you’re actually driving,” said Venice resident Javier Covarrubias.

Many of us believe we know our neighborhoods inside and out. We commute to work through the same route, we have our restaurants we frequent, we same the people at the gym and we believe we know our surroundings. The truth of the matter is that often learn much more about our own communities and those surrounding us when we take the time to bike or walk. While biking or commuting with public transit offer opportunities to enjoy local art and music, concerns for other vehicles and pedestrians should always be your primary focus. For anyone interested in attending the next CicLavia event, the starting line is at the LA Phil on September 30.