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Digital License Plates Debut on California Roads

Digital display license plates are finally hitting the California roads. These newly designed plates will save time by allowing car owners to register their plates online and customize messages on the plates. Vehicle owners can now start to reap the benefits of these digitized plates.

Register your plates online to save time

These new digital plates allow vehicle owners to save time by registering the license plates online. Any updates about the license plate or information about the car can be dealt with through the license plate digital system. As of right now, California vehicles are only permitted to have a digital license plate on the back of their car. This means that owners still must put on a physical front plate until digital plates are allowed on both the front and rear of the vehicle.

Customize messages on your new digital license plate

While the car is parked, the vehicle owner may be able to customize messages on the digital license plate. Owners can display their own personal messages, as long as the DMV allows them to. This platform is innovative for advertising purposes and will lend itself to allow companies to use this space for more digital advertisements.

Digital plates could save money in the long run, but are expensive to have

The digital license plate could save the state money by creating less physical license plates for vehicles. Although the state may save some money, these plates don’t come cheap – the price is about $699, without installation fees. These plates come with a computer chip, batteries, and their own wireless communication system. Digital plates are an expensive endeavor, but could be well worth the money.

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