While some neighborhoods of the greater Los Angeles area have cracked down on the unfettered operation of shared e-scooters, Santa Monica and Venice remain hubs for e-scooters. If you plan using these to commute, sightsee or hang out with friends be sure to follow these safety tips. 

1. Check the e-scooter for any defective or broken parts. Performing even a cursory inspection of the brake lines, handles wheels and other parts to the scooter may prevent an accident or injury from occurring during your trip. If you suspect something is wrong, do not ride the scooter. Report it and find another scooter.

2. Always wear a helmet. Whenever operating a scooter, electric or otherwise, you should always wear a helmet designed for scooter travel. While wearing a helmet will not prevent accidents from occurring, the protection a helmet provides in an emergency is invaluable.

3. Obey all traffic laws and stay off the sidewalk when riding. Officers have been cracking down on e-scooter riders who endanger themselves as well as pedestrians by using the sidewalk. Obey all traffic signals and signs as you would on any

4. Always ride cautiously and defensively. On a scooter, you may find that drivers do not see you immediately. Avoid blind spots when possible and signal to other drivers whenever changing position on the road. Keep ample distance between you and the other drivers.