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Uber Rethinks Their Self-Driving Cars

Ever since Uber’s fatal Arizona crash in March of this year, the company is rethinking its self-driving vehicles strategies. Uber has struggled to regain its reputation and trust from customers after the accident, and is now making drastic changes to improve the safety and quality of the company.

Uber started shutting down after the fatal crash in Tempe, AZ.

After Uber’s fatal accident in Tempe, Arizona, the company has begun to shut down its self-driving tests. Uber laid off 200 employees after this crash, in effort to rethink and come up with a better, safer strategy to enter the self-driving industry. Because the Arizona police deemed the crash as ‘totally avoidable,’ Uber is receiving harsh criticism and must rework their path into the self-driving vehicle world in a safe, effective way.

Specialists are hired in place of Uber employees.

In both Pittsburgh and San Francisco, Uber is laying off 100 self-driving vehicles and employees. “The company plans to replace these jobs with about 55 “mission specialists”-specialists who are trained in both on-road and more advanced test-track operations, and who are expected to provide more technical feedback to self-driving car developers. Uber said affected operators could apply for these positions” (

In hopes to regain customer trust, Uber plans to hire specialists who are better trained in order to renew their self-driving strategies. The company is hoping that these specialists will help to improve the quality of their service in the self-driving industry. Specialists in different fields are being hired to help with various aspects. There are technological experts that Uber wants to bring in to help with artificial intelligence technologies inside their self-driving vehicles. This endeavor will hopefully prove to be worthwhile when Uber decides to reenter the world of driverless cars.

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