A crash on Highway 1 in Lompoc has resulted in serious injuries to two drivers, according to local authorities. Firefighters in Santa Barbara County responded to the motor vehicle accident that took place in the early morning of Aug. 4. For the moment, neither driver has been charged, but the investigation is still underway as of this report.

The accident report states that around 7 a.m., two vehicles traveling on Highway 1 crashed headlong into one another. The California Highway Patrol has confirmed that both vehicles were in their respective fast lanes, traveling at an “advanced” rate of speed. It is unclear at this point which driver moved into the oncoming lane, predicating the head-on crash that totaled both vehicles.

A woman in her mid 30s and a man believed to be in his 50s were the only two individuals involved in the accident, each driving their respective vehicles. The force of the impact was such that both drivers required assistance in getting out of their vehicles. Both individuals were rushed to local hospitals in conditions described as serious, though the exact nature of their injuries, as well as a prognosis for their potential recoveries, was not included in the report.

Depending on the outcome of the California Highway Patrol investigation, one or both drivers could be found responsible for the motor vehicle accident. If criminal charges are filed against one driver, evidence used to support that claim in court could also be used by the other individual to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver believed to be responsible in civil court. Evidence of negligence that is found to have caused or materially contributed to the accident will be required before any claims for monetary damages will be adjudicated.