The state of California has its own unique pollution problems. The state began creating its own emission regulations in the 1960’s, and strives to keep its air as clean as possible. California is granted permission to be able to create their own regulations because of its constant and unique pollution problems.

CA is a highly polluted state that has unique problems.

California has about 33 million residents. This largely populated state produces an incredible amount of pollution. To preserve the clean air in such a convoluted environment, there are some exceptions and altered regulations and rules for California pollution.

The shape of California’s land, along with its warm climate allows for more pollutants to enter the air. The gas emissions from motor vehicles combine with the warm air to create ozone, which will then add up to smog. Smog is dangerous because it heavily pollutes the air that is close to the ground where people can breathe it in.

To keep residents safe, but to also understand the need for pollution (for factories and motor vehicles) in this large state is a challenge. California must receive multiple waivers in order to keep their ability to create their own regulations to keep the environment as clean as possible, without losing production in factories.

The Clean Air Act was passed, but CA could still regulate itself.

Due to the various pollution problems and the unique layout and size of California’s land, this state of forced to create their own regulations on gas emissions.

“When the Clean Air Act was passed, California was already developing innovative laws and standards to address its unique air pollution problems. So Congress carved out an exemption. As long as California’s standards protect public health and welfare at least as strictly as federal law, and are necessary ‘to meet compelling and extraordinary conditions,’ the law requires the EPA to grant California a waiver so it can continue to apply its own regulations. California has received numerous waivers as it has worked to reduce vehicle emissions by enacting ever more stringent standards since the 1960s” (

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