The end of dockless scooters in Los Angeles may have come earlier than most expected. In what some have described as similar to a social experiment, rental scooter companies Bird and Lime released a fleet of dockless electric scooters for consumers to unlock using a smartphone app. Within a week, the city of Los Angeles may issue cease and desist letters to all electric scooter rental companies operating within its city limits. The moratorium on dockless scooters will allow city council to finalize regulations on electric scooters including speed limits and taillight requirements. Currently, Bird scooters can travel up to 15 miles per hour.

Perhaps a break from the scooter madness is what law enforcement and legislators need to finally tackle this issue. The risk to pedestrian safety is extremely high when you consider the physical impact of being struck by an electric scooter and rider. Additionally, the misuse of the electric scooters has become a bit of a sad joke as some riders ride 2 people on a single scooter, others ride going the wrong direction on 1-way roads and others discard their scooters in the middle of the sidewalk for others to trip over. While it remains unclear how city government and law enforcement officials plan to handle these issues, it is clear that city council will no longer tolerate them.