Creating space for pedestrians has become critical for pedestrian safety in both public and private area. For those who have visited the Runway in Playa Vista, you may have noticed that certain events close down the central road through the center while other times, the center remains open to car access. According to new designs aimed towards giving pedestrians more freedom, the shopping center will close off the streets in its $9.1 million renovation. Architect firm Design, Bitches looks to help the shopping center facilitate new interaction between its patrons and the environment.

While it may seem odd to discuss architecture or even shopping centers in a Law Blog, it is important to understand the decision to make the Runway pedestrian friendly. Los Angeles in its culture and infrastructure is heavily dependent on automobiles. New developments in public transit have yet to yield the desired impact in reducing traffic, bike lanes are disconnected across the city and traffic delays are showing no signs of decreasing. Having spaces dedicated to pedestrian travel is an important step in promoting a pedestrian friendly culture that reduces traffic jams and traffic injuries.