Santa Monica Police Department Humorous E-Scooter Safety Video thumbnail

The Santa Monica Police Department has taken a strong stance on illegal use of electric scooters. This has come in the form of scooter confiscations in addition to a well-made video titled “Scooters: How not to get a ticket.” The video can be found on the Santa Monica Police Department Facebook page and a spaghetti western inspired clip of the informational video be can be found on their Twitter. Since the deployment of shared scooters, Santa Monica Police personnel have confiscated over 100 scooters. Officers will continue to enforce the rules of the road to prevent electric scooter accidents.

In this campaign, the Santa Monica Police Department looks to further engage with the community and promote safe use of a potentially dangerous motorized vehicle. Regardless of Police Department public safety campaigns, it is the responsible of everyone sharing the road to avoid collisions. Given how exposed riders are on electric scooters, it is important to appropriately gauge distance and stop well before hitting a rider. Injuries from an electric scooter accident may range from road rash and broken bone to death. Before you change lanes or enter the bike lane to make a right hand turn, check your blind spots because you never know when a scooter might be pulling up.