High School tennis coach stands accused of a fatal hit and run in Chula Vista. George Espinosa, age 47, is the boy’s tennis coach at Mater Dei High School and now charged with one misdemeanor count of involuntary vehicular manslaughter as well as one felony count of hit and run. Leilani Magno, just weeks away from turning 18 years old, was struck along Lane Avenue near Scobee Park at approximately 8:15 PM, Sunday July 8. The southbound vehicle lost control and struck Magno from behind, then fled the scene according to police. George Espinoza turned himself in to the Chula Vista Police Department one day following the incident.

Stories of pedestrians being struck by out of control vehicles are far too common for many of us. If you see a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, immediately contact emergency medical assistance. Before performing any first aid on the victim, determine if the scene is safe for you and others. If you saw the accident occur, be sure to give the arriving officers your detailed account of what happened. Too often, hit and run victims or their families are left to shoulder the cost of medical bills and injury related expenses and the perpetrator left unaccountable. For this reason, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is necessary if you can afford it. In the case of a hit and run accident in which the fleeing driver is not found, your uninsured motorist coverage can be used to compensate you for injuries sustained.