It would appear the spread of electric shared scooters has taken yet another hit as Los Angeles City Councilmembers Paul Koretz and Mitchell Englander look to ban electric scooter outright in Los Angeles until regulations are finished. Citing personal experience, Paul Koretz of the Fairfax neighborhood asked the city council to place an immediate ban on the use of motorized scooters. Koretz explained that while he was initially in favor of the new wave of transit for Los Angeles, he reconsidered his position when he saw the impacts on his own neighborhood. Unsafe use of the motorized scooters included double riding, underage riders, riders on sidewalks and users failing to use helmets.

Until regulations are finalized or an interim ban put in place, drivers must constantly scan the road and sidewalks for electric scooter riders. If that means you have to driver slower as you approach an intersection, it remains your responsibility to watch for others sharing the road with you. Depending on the brand, electric scooters can be ridden at 17 miles per hour. While that may not seem remarkably fast, understand that it is approximately the speed of a cyclist while maintaining a significantly smaller frame; and unlike their gas-powered counterparts, they are virtually silent. The risk to the operator of a motorized scooter cannot be understated when he or she is involved in a collision at any speed.