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Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Teaches A Car To Drive Itself

This is the future: self-driving vehicles that learn instinctively through machine learning, artificial intelligence…and that future is not so far away from us. At Cambridge University, an algorithm developed by Ph.D students teaches a car to follow a lane in a matter of twenty minutes. Machine learning is coming up quickly in the motor vehicle industry.

These students are helping to forever change the automobile industry.

Cambridge Ph.D students have significantly impacted the motor vehicle world. Their company, Wayve, has released a video of how they taught a machine to drive itself in only twenty minutes. Wayve has made a record breakthrough in AI/machine learning technologies. With a safety person passively sitting in the vehicle, it learned to drive itself in a matter of minutes through reward/punishment learning techniques.

Machine learning is similar to human learning.

The same principles apply in machine learning as they do in human learning. There are reward/punishment systems, and other human learning techniques used to teach. The key to machine learning is to program the machine to function and learn like a human would. This is why some may feel threatened by this new innovation. However, machine learning can be extremely helpful in certain situations.

The students taught their motor vehicle to drive by itself in a similar way someone might teach another person. “Every time the car went to drive off the road, they stopped it and corrected it. The algorithm “penalized” the car for making mistakes, and “rewarded” it based on how far it traveled without human intervention. Within 20 minutes, which represented less than 20 trials, the car had worked out how to follow a lane more or less indefinitely” ( This displays the reward/punishment method, often used in normal human learning as well. This evolution of learning has opened new doors to more advanced technologies, but also poses a world of dangers.

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