A serious accident in Hacienda has resulted in several injuries, according to local sources. California authorities responded to a serious car accident that sent at least three people to the hospital. Officers on the scene believe the driver assumed to be responsible is also under suspicion of drunk driving. 

On the afternoon of Sept. 9, a vehicle slammed into a church organization gathering. Local residents say that a vehicle crashed into a crowd of people gathering after a worship at an unnamed church. At least three people were rushed to local hospitals, including a man who had pushed a woman and child out of the way of the out-of-control vehicle. A female pastor and another female were also struck by the vehicle, which then smashed into the building. 

The California Highway Patrol was on the scene at the accident and arrested the driver on site. They believe the man was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the crash occurred, so he is now facing charges including DUI and other charges. The church has opened a GoFundMe to help with the damages to the building and the associated repairs that will need to be conducted. 

This serious car accident will be carefully reviewed by the California authorities assigned to these matters. In the meantime, the injured parties who were present at the church gathering have every right to file personal injury suits against the individual or individuals responsible for the crash. Any evidence recovered by the police can be used to support such suits in civil court.