The cold weather is upon us with the start of fall very soon. Although it will be warm for a little while longer, the colder season will come in quickly, and vehicles behave much differently in the cold weather.

Be sure to warm up your vehicle before beginning your trip.

It is important to make sure the car is warmed up before starting a road trip, no matter how far you may be traveling. By warming the car up, this gives the engine a chance to defrost if it has been outside in the cold, and will make the vehicle operate smoothly.

Although many people simply get in their car, start up and go right away, this is not a best practice of operating a motor vehicle. Allow only about 10-30 seconds for the car to warm up before you venture out on your journey. This small amount of time will help your vehicle heat up for a better ride. Never warm up the vehicle in an enclosed space such as a garage. Make sure the vehicle is outside warming up before beginning the trip.

Avoid using cruise control in inclement weather conditions.

Cruise control can be a convenient feature in a vehicle, however it should never be used in cold, wet or icy weather conditions. If a vehicle travels the same speed for a long period of time in the rain or snow, water retention will build on the tires and it will be easier for the vehicle to hydroplane, or for the driver to potentially lose control of the vehicle. Drive cautiously in the rain and snow, and slowly alternate speeds to avoid water build up on the tires.

Check your car’s battery to be sure it is functioning properly.

When the temperature drops outside, this can cause issues with car batteries. It takes more battery power to start up vehicles in the colder weather. Check to make sure your car’s battery has sufficient voltage in order to avoid dangerous situations on the road. It is also important to have the charging system and volts inspected before driving around in the cold weather.

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