Post Malone was involved in a car accident earlier this month, on Friday 9/7/2018. No injuries were reported following the accident, however his white Rolls Royce Wraith, worth an estimated $325,000 was totaled in the accident. The timing of the accident could not have been stranger for the American rapper as his plane was forced to make an emergency landing in New York 2 weeks prior. In both incidents, nobody involved was injured. In a tweet following Friday’s accident, Malone tweeted out, “god must hate me lol.” Given the series of events, at least he can keep a sense of humor about it all.

Staying Smart After An Accident

Despite his intention to relieve some of his friends, family and fans, it is important to remember that using social media following an accident can have detrimental results. For example, you may not have whiplash immediately following an accident, however the day after the collision you could feel immense, debilitating pain. If you post on social media immediately following the accident, you could be posting information that is accurate in 24 hours. That post can be used by insurance companies to reduce the severity of your injuries despite clear evidence to contrary and limit the amount you can receive. While having an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney can mitigate this issue, it is best to avoid it entirely.