During the month of September, railway operators are pushing for public awareness of safe behaviors around railways. LA metro, Amtrak and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority are teaming up in a joint effort to educate the public. Railroad trespassing and rail crossing injuries can be life changing for obvious reasons, however many fail to acknowledge the how potentially dangerous their actions are. To help educate the public, Amtrak will have events at Petco Park and Angel Stadium on the nights of the 16th and 17th of September respectively. As Los Angeles County and the surrounding counties continue to expand their railways and spread access to public transit, the public should be informed about safe travel practices.

Well-developed public transit has the potential to reduce traffic tremendously but it requires people to buy in to the system. Unfortunately, many Los Angeles neighborhoods are spread apart such that making traditional public transportations systems work to serve multiple communities is extremely difficult. Additionally, creating bike safe streets is essential for a developing public transit system as bikes can bridge the gaps between certain neighborhoods. However, it all starts with safe transit and hopefully through a combination of well-planned development as well as community goodwill, we can make Los Angeles a safer and less congested city.