On Monday, 9/3/2018, the chase of a possibly stolen vehicle lead to a collision in Boyle Heights. The woman and man in the allegedly stolen vehicle were both injured as well as the woman in the other involved vehicle. While their specific injuries were not reported, all parties involved were taken by ambulance to the local hospital. The accident occurred on State Street, near the 101 Freeway after police attempted to pull over the allegedly stolen vehicle.

When drivers flee the police and speed through city streets, they risk injuring themselves as well as anyone else on the road in their escape path. If you have ever witnessed a car chase before, it is not hard to imagine how easy it could be for a fleeing driver to not see a pedestrian or even another vehicle until it is too late. Even pedestrians on sidewalks may not be safe from danger as pursued vehicles often lose control and could collide with objects or people anywhere near the street.

While some things remain outside of control for the pedestrian or driver, the best thing you can do while is stay alert. If you listen to music while you walk down the street, keep your eyes up and stay alert. While driving, always scan the road for possible signs of danger. Accidents occur every day and it only takes one lapse in judgement to change someone’s life permanently.