California residents may be familiar with YouTube, a social media platform featuring videos on just about anything, mostly uploaded by users themselves. In recent years, some users have risen to celebrity status after gaining millions of likes and followers on their channels. Advertisers pay these users to promote their products in their videos. Recently, a young YouTube sensation, famous for marketing video games, caused a fatal car accident that claimed two innocent lives. 

The 18-year-old video star was driving a pricey sports car that was featured in a game he was known to promote. Inexplicably, he drove through a fenced area of a school, and continued driving at speeds of 100 mph in the wrong direction on the 805 freeway. Friends and business associates say they cannot imagine what would have caused the driver to behave in such an unsafe manner. 

He struck a small sedan driven by a California woman, who had a young female child in tow. Both were killed as the result of the fiery crash. The freeway had to be closed for quite some time as authorities worked to document the events that had transpired. The crash remains under investigation. 

When a fatal car accident claims innocent lives, families may feel shock and anger. The loss of a loved one is understandably traumatic, and medical bills, funeral expenses and legal action against the party deemed at fault may seem overwhelming in a time of such grief. Allowing an experienced attorney to assist the surviving families of deceased victims can be a good way to ensure that justice is served while families attempt to deal with the grim reality of a death in the family.