Every Halloween, people dressed in costume take to the streets in search of candy, haunted houses and general Halloween fun. However, pedestrian accidents and fatalities increase heavily on Halloween night. Below are some tips to help you and your family stay safe on Halloween.

Stay Visible

Before you decide on a costume, think about how visible it may be to a driver if you are crossing the road. Remember, from a driver’s perspective, your scary dark costume may be hard to spot when you cross the street. High visibility reflective gear can lead to some fun costume design and help drivers identify you as a pedestrian. If you plan on wearing something dark, consider using a smartphone to help drivers see you.

Stick Together

If you are trick or treating with children, never leave them unattended. I cannot reiterate this sentiment enough. Little kids will always behave erratically; but once spooky decorations, funny costumes and candy are thrown into the equation, they may be impossible to predict. Keep your kids close and reinforce road safety rules before trick-or-treating.

Use The Sunlight

Another tip for trick-or-treating with children is to go out during the daylight. By going trick-or-treating in daylight hours, you are more visible to drivers and you can keep an early bedtime. As always, you should encourage safe pedestrian practices, including but not limited to: making eye contact with drivers before crossing, using crosswalks when possible, looking both ways, looking for cars exiting driveways etc. Remember, stay safe and have fun!