Late Monday night, September 24, Oscar Martinez was struck in a hit and run accident in Lake Forest. Due to the lack of evidence left behind following the accident, local authorities are struggling to determine how the accident occurred. The Martinez family has placed candles and flowers near the location of the accident on Ridge Route Drive. Anyone who may have information about the accident is encouraged to call the Orange County sheriff’s department anonymously or otherwise.

In hit and run accidents, the fleeing party escapes from the authorities too often. As such, we encourage everyone who can afford it, purchase uninsured motorist coverage. Many Los Angeles drivers operate their vehicles illegally without insurance or legally with bare minimum coverage. In the case of a catastrophic accident, the minimum liability coverage will only cover a fraction of the cost in medical bills, home improvements, lost income etc…. Loss of limb injuries and fatalities leave families in significant financial hardship without compensation or communal support. If you are unsure what type of motorist coverage protects you and your loved ones, be sure to contact your insurance company or review your terms of your specific policy.