On September 5th, Edras Velasquez was struck while riding an electrically powered motor scooter on Glendale Boulevard near Waverly Drive in Silver Lake. Velasquez was left critically injured following the accident as the silver BMW fled the scene. Surveillance footage indicated there was a female passenger with the driver in the vehicle suspected of hit and run. After the initial collision, the driver put the vehicle in reverse in attempt to remove the stuck electric scooter. Velasquez was transported to a local hospital for life saving treatment. Currently, Velasquez is in a coma.

Witnesses are Important in Accident Cases

In hit and run cases, eyewitnesses can sometimes give the police enough information to pursue the fleeing party. If you see a hit and run, note the license plate number, make and model, color and direction of the fleeing vehicle. In the case of Velasquez, surveillance cameras were able to give LAPD some information on the driver but not enough to determine who was involved. At many intersections, multiple surveillance cameras may be used to determine critical information from multiple angles. Even in non-hit and run accidents, surveillance cameras are often used to recreate the accident scene for insurance adjusters and attorneys to determine what happened. Regardless of surveillance, be sure to document accident scenes to the best of your abilities.