Most of you know him as the host of the hit show “Price is Right,” while others may know him for his fierce advocacy for animal rights. Bob Barker, aged 94, was recently transported to the hospital from his house in Hollywood. Paramedics were dispatched to Barker’s home for, “unspecified medical aid.” Some suspect this hospitalization may be related to a previous back injury or possibly a fall he sustained in his home in 2017 in which he injured his head. Regardless of the severity of the pain or injury, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Keeping A Healthy Back

Back injuries often have difficult recoveries for patients as most physical activity at some level involves your back. To prevent back injuries experts recommend stretching and engaging in back strengthening exercises several times a week. Additionally, rest and a balanced diet helps keep your body resilient and strong. However, after sustaining a back injury, many people claim that sleeping is difficult with the constant pain. Finding a supportive position can be difficult and not sleeping can often make the pain worse over time.

Back Injuries are Common in Vehicle Accidents

If you have sustained a back injury from a car accident, seek immediate medical attention. Beginning the treatment process as early as possible can potentially save you from problems down the road. Similarly, hiring an experienced car accident attorney early in the process can save you from destroying your claim. At Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, we take pride in how we fight for our clients’ rights to fair compensation and a full recovery.