Last month in October, the San Diego Police Department conducted pedestrian, scooter and bike enforcement at several San Diego beaches. The goal of these targeted enforcement is to educate the public on safe practices when operating scooters, bikes and vehicles in crowded areas. San Diego PD explained they focused on driver behavior including but not limited to making illegal turns, speeding as well as failing to yield to pedestrians and stop signs. While extra attention was paid toward drivers’ activities, pedestrians, cyclists and scooter riders were also scrutinized and ticketed for unsafe practices.

Operate Incorrectly At Your Own Risk

For any beach goers trying to catch some last warm days in Santa Monica or Venice, below are some tips to stay safe:

  • For cyclists, check equipment before riding. Riding on a flat tire can damage your bike and put you at further risk for injury. Additionally, cyclists must obey all posted traffic signs as any other vehicle.
  • For pedestrians, pay attention to the flow of traffic around you. All too often, distracted drivers fail to yield to pedestrians crossing alley ways and driveways. Especially in some of the narrow one-way streets near the beach, watch out for speeding drivers that may not stop in time. When in doubt, stay on sidewalk until it is safe to proceed.
  • For scooter riders, ride carefully and predictably. Many riders travel against traffic. This is against the law and puts the rider as well as other drivers at greater risk of an accident. Additionally, wearing a helmet when operating a scooter is still advisable.
  • For drivers, look out for pedestrians and fast-moving scooter riders. With a minimal frame, scooter riders may go un-noticed until it is too late. Whenever turning, look carefully for scooter riders and cyclists. You may save someone’s life.