There are certain steps you must take if you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident. This article will lay out these steps for you to follow in the event of an accident on the road.

Be sure to assess the situation at hand

The first thing to do if you are in a motor vehicle accident is to stop and asses the situation. Determine if there are injuries, and the extent of the damage. Make sure the environment you are in is safe. If not, carefully move to a safe place alongside the road, or off onto the shoulder if you are on a major highway.

Call for assistance

Call 911 for assistance and an ambulance if there are serious injuries. You must also report the accident to the California Highway Patrol, if you are on the highway. Once the police arrive at the scene of the accident, you will need to show them your license and registration. You must also show proof of financial responsibility, or you will face a potential citation and fine.

Serious accidents must be reported to the DMV within 10 days

When someone is killed, injured, or property damage exceeds $1,000, this is considered a serious accident and must be reported to the DMV within 10 days. You must complete the Report of Traffic Accident Occurring in California form. You must submit this form in addition to other insurance company policy forms.

In order to fill out the SR-1 you need to gather important information at the scene of the accident:

  • Place and time of accident
  • Other driver’s name, address, and date of birth
  • Other driver’s driver license information (#/State)
  • Other driver’s license plate number and state
  • Other driver’s insurance company, policy number, and the expiration thereof
  • Policy holder’s name and address
  • Vehicle owner’s name and address
  • Explanation of injuries or property damage

If there are injuries after the accident, be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer

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