Highway 80 westbound was closed for several hours after a serious accident sent multiple people to the hospital, including children. The California Highway Patrol confirmed that a careless driver is suspected to be responsible for the crash, which involved seven cars. So far, it does not appear that individual has been charged with a crime. 

According to the limited information available from the report, it appears that around 8 p.m. the evening of March 3, an unidentified driver lost control of a vehicle, striking another car on the highway just east of Temperance. The force of the impact catapulted the individual’s car across the center median, where it struck four more vehicles. The driver was rushed to a local hospital with injuries described as major. 

The other drivers and passengers involved in the accident were not individually identified in the report. However, it has been confirmed that multiple people, including several children, were taken to local hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to major. The details of how the accident took place are still being investigated, but the driver has been accused of recklessness. 

careless driver who causes an accident is often subject to criminal charges, particularly where injuries and/or fatalities were caused by their actions. However, even if criminal charges are not filed, or if the individual is cleared of those charges in criminal court, the injured parties have recourse available to them. Filing personal injury and/or wrongful death suits in a California civil court can result in damages being awarded to the injured parties, presuming appropriate evidence of the driver’s negligence is presented.