A California Highway Patrol officer urges drivers not to get behind the wheels of vehicles after consuming alcohol or drugs. This follows a deadly crash that occurred in Garden Grove on the 22 Freeway. CHP reported that a semi-truck driver’s death resulted from the inability of a suspected drunk driver to maintain control of his vehicle.

According to investigators, a 26-year-old man was heading east on the freeway when he lost control of the passenger vehicle he was driving. His car struck the railing and spun uncontrollably until it came to a halt in the third traffic lane. The driver managed to get out of the vehicle and make his way to the freeway’s shoulder.

However, the wreck caused a severe hazard, and it was not long before an oncoming U.S. Postal Service semi smashed into it. The big rig rolled over after striking the median, and it burst into flames immediately. The driver was unable to escape the truck and burned to death. CHP said the driver of the sedan was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Whenever a life is lost on a California freeway, the circumstances of the crash might entitle surviving family members to pursue a claim for recovery of financial and emotional damages through the civil justice system of the state. For such a lawsuit to be successful, they will have to prove negligence on the part of the alleged drunk driver. This is where the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney can prove to be invaluable. Legal counsel can provide the necessary guidance and support throughout ensuing legal proceedings.