Tragedy struck Modesto in the early hours of June 9 after a man believed to be intoxicated drove his vehicle into a home, according to local sources. Police in the California city responded to the tragic scene that saw the death of a woman and two children. Another girl was badly injured, and the alleged drunk driver driver has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies. 

According to the accident report, a 46-year-old man was driving west on Holm Avenue at what police believe to be a high rate of speed. He reportedly failed to stop for a stop sign and lost control of the car, crashing it through a fence and into the back of a duplex. A 10-year-old girl who had been in the back yard was badly hurt and hospitalized with major injuries. 

The woman and the two children — both girls aged 5 and 3, respectively — were all killed in the crash. The driver suffered only minor injuries and was arrested on the scene. A California police officer described the man as having driven his vehicle “like a bullet” directly through the house. No court date has been set for him, and he is believed to be in custody at this time. 

The alleged drunk driver faces three charges of gross vehicular manslaughter, as well as one felony count of DUI. If he is convicted he could spend years in jail. Separately, the families of the deceased woman and children, as well as the family of the injured girl are entitled under California law to file wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits, as applicable, against him in a civil court. They are entitled to offer any evidence of his alleged intoxication police gather for the criminal case to support the civil cases.