Law enforcement authorities are still investigating a serious crash that badly hurt a cyclist on the morning of June 18. The California Highway Patrol initially believed the cyclist had been killed in the motor vehicle accident, but thankfully the individual survived. The driver involved is a minor, and so far, formal charges have not been filed. 

According to the limited information available as of this report, around 7:40 a.m. a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old reportedly struck a bicyclist about two miles north of Tahoe City. The impact left the cyclist with major injuries, and that individual was rushed to a local hospital. The cyclist’s current condition is not known. 

The driver appeared to be unhurt in the collision. When interviewed by police, the driver claimed that sunny conditions prevented the cyclist from being properly visible. Police closed the roads for several hours following the crash to investigate. So far, they have not ruled out recklessness or negligence as possible factors in the accident. 

If the driver is brought up on criminal charges, he or she could face a number of consequences. Separately, California law allows the injured cyclist to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver involved in the motor vehicle accident, as well as anyone else with ownership interest in the vehicle. Damages awarded in personal injury suits are typically used to pay for medical bills, and this is especially true when the injuries suffered are severe and may require months or years of physical therapy to recover.