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What to do After a Driver Hits Your Car and Flees

Winding up in a car accident because another driver made a mistake—changed lanes without looking first, ran a stop sign, or was looking at a text—is bad enough. The aftermath is even more difficult to navigate, especially if the crash wrecks your car and leaves you with serious injuries. This journey becomes far more challenging when the responsible party simply drives away from the accident scene.

Hit-and-run accidents occur far too often, and in the past, far too many negligent drivers got away with them. However, in our modern world, they can frequently be tracked down by law enforcement and held accountable to the full extent of the law, both criminally and civilly. Here are three good reasons why you shouldn’t give up on seeking justice because another driver left the scene of your crash.

Smile, your hit-and-run driver is (probably) on camera

Drivers who cause an accident and run off might think they are home-free, but in today’s world cameras are simply everywhere. In Los Angeles red light cameras, speed capture cameras, and traffic control cameras can be found on virtually every roadway. Chances are very high that if someone sideswipes you or worse on one of our roads, the responsible party was captured on camera—including their car’s make, model, and license plate. So your hit-and-run driver might escape justice temporarily but should soon expect a knock at their door from police that leads to an arrest. And once their identity has been established, your auto accident attorney can pursue just compensation for the crash they caused.

Can you get a witness?

If in the wake of your accident you or a passenger in your vehicle is able to move around, try to locate possible witnesses. This could be another driver in the vicinity who hopefully saw the accident and stopped to check on you after. That person might be able to identify the other vehicle by make or model, or perhaps even caught all or part of the license plate. Even if they just noticed the direction in which the responsible driver sped off, that information could be vital in helping the police track them down.

Other sources for identifying hit-and-run drivers

Some witnesses aren’t immediately obvious. For example, if your accident occurred on a local street in front of a strip mall, any number of shoppers or employees might have seen what happened. Even if you aren’t able to question them immediately due to your injuries, the police will know to canvass them and hopefully get one or more reports that, when put together, allow them to track down your assailant. In fact, if the person who hit you is a frequent shopper, one of the store employees might be able to provide their actual name and more.

Alternately, many retail parking lots have their own security cameras that potentially recorded the accident or an image of the driver and their vehicle from before the crash. A date/time stamp on the security footage could be used to place them at the scene.

Los Angeles car crash attorney

These are only a few of the methods police investigators can use to locate hit-and-run drivers, so don’t lose hope if you were unable to spot any identifying information personally. Once the responsible driver is found, it is time to hold them accountable. Contact Los Angeles automobile accident lawyer Scott J. Corwin at 800-946-9440.

Person on ground with leg split after car accident