Head Injuries Caused By Negligence?

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Since 1992, Los Angeles brain injury attorney Scott J. Corwin and his firm have represented thousands of injury victims, winning more than $125 million in recoveries. Our law firm may be able to help you and your family, too.

No Recovery, No Fee

One of the most common questions we receive is about how much hiring a lawyer will cost. The answer is nothing, until we come through for you and reach a settlement or verdict in your favor. We also offer a free initial case evaluation, so call today or use the contact form to start your path towards recovery.

Injuries Hidden In Plain Sight

A brain injury, even one that doesn’t “seem serious” at first, can lead to changes in personality, behavior and daily functioning. If you or one of your family members experienced head trauma because of someone else’s negligence, you can get help with:

  • The struggle against the negligent party’s insurance company, which may go to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility.
  • The financial strain caused by the brain injury, which can affect the injured person and his or her family in many ways.
  • The specialized medical care you may need to deal with a complicated injury.

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