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Car Accident Results

$1,250,000 – Head on Car Crash Resulting in Shoulder & Ankle Injuries

Our client, a 61-year-old theatrical agent, traveling northbound on Benedict Canyon was hit head on by the defendant driver. Our client had right tibia and fibula fractures requiring two surgeries and left shoulder fractures as a result of the collision. He struck his head on the driver’s side windshield, had retrograde amnesia and could not remember how the accident happened. There were no witnesses, and the defendant driver denied responsibility for the accident, claiming our client had crossed the double yellow line and caused the accident. Our firm retained an accident reconstruction expert who examined both vehicles and the accident scene. With a thorough accident reconstruction and the discovery of gouge marks in the roadway, we determined the collision occurred on our client’s side of the road, proving the defendant driver caused the accident. Our client had $122,000 in medical bills and required additional surgery estimated at $200,000. We recovered the defendant driver’s $1,250,000 insurance policy limits, which fully covered our client’s expenses and damages for pain and suffering.
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$1,000,000 – Minor Rear End Car Accident Results in Neck & Back Surgeries

Scott J. Corwin recovered the defendant driver’s $1,000,000 auto insurance policy limits for our 42-year-old corporate transactional attorney client, notwithstanding only minor barely visible damage to our client’s vehicle. Our client was rear ended by the defendant driver’s vehicle while stopped at the intersection of Eilat Avenue and Valerie Street in Woodland Hills. No police or paramedics were summoned to the scene. Our client drove his vehicle home from the accident scene unassisted. Our client had suffered previous neck and back injuries from an accident two years previously and had back surgery three months before this accident. In addition, our client was advised to have neck surgery prior to the occurrence of this accident. He did not seek medical attention for this new accident until 23 days after it occurred. Ultimately, our client had back and neck surgery following this accident. While the defendant driver accepted responsibility for the collision, she denied she was responsible for any of our client’s claimed injuries. The defendant driver argued that both surgeries that were performed after this accident would have been required even if this accident had not occurred. Our client informed us that he had a had a federal disability claim and worker’s compensation claim that predated this new accident where he was declared totally disabled. Notwithstanding this mountain of unfavorable evidence and medical records, Mr. Corwin obtained a $1,000,000 insurance policy limits settlement for our client.
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$1,000,000 – Overturned Vehicle In Highway Results in Eye & Facial Injuries

We obtained a $1,000,000 insurance policy limits for our 44-year-old school bus driver client who sustained serious eye injuries, facial lacerations and shoulder injuries when her Suzuki Samurai collided with an overturned tractor trailer on Highway I-80 on a moonless night. The Highway Patrol determined that our client was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the collision. We were able to demonstrate through our investigation that the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel causing his vehicle to overturn and block the highway. The defendant initially disputed liability contending that our client should have been able to see the overturned truck on the highway and safely stop the vehicle unless she was speeding or not paying attention. We overcame these defenses and established that our client would no longer be able to work in her profession as a bus driver because her best corrected vision would be less than 20/40 in her right eye, the minimum requirement for school bus drivers. Our client also had permanent scars on her face. The defendant was held fully accountable for our client’s injuries and resulting work disability.
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$780,000 – Retired Rancher Injured in Rear End Accident by Chevy Pickup

We represented a 77-year-old retired rancher who sustained serious injuries while driving his 2007 BMW. The defendant driver, speeding in his one ton Chevrolet pick-up truck, struck our client’s vehicle from the rear while stopped at an intersection. Our client was transported by helicopter to the hospital. He sustained injuries to his neck, shoulders and lower back. Our client also sustained traumatic brain injury as demonstrated by an MRI scan showing axonal shear injury to the tissues of the brain and neurologic testing that showed minor loss of functioning and memory. Our client made an excellent recovery after three weeks of hospitalization and rehabilitation. The defendant claimed that there was no traumatic brain injury, that our client was elderly, suffered from initial stages of dementia and had suffered a stroke one year prior to the accident. We overcame the defendant’s arguments by obtaining medical records and information from our client’s primary care physician, showing our client was in an excellent state of physical and mental health prior to the auto accident and that he noticed a change in our client’s mental state following this accident. Our client had $131,000 in past medical expenses. We also significantly reduced those medical expenses and reimbursements owed to Medicare in order to maximize our client’s recovery.
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