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Motorcycle Accident Results

$2,300,000 – Off Duty Police Officer Disabled in Side Swipe Accident

Our 32-year-old off duty Los Angeles County Police Department (LACPD) officer, was on his way to work on his 2005 Yamaha motorcycle northbound on the 101 Freeway. A 70-year-old architect employed by the City of Los Angeles, driving the City owned 2004 Honda Civic, swerved to avoid slowing traffic and struck our client’s motorcycle. Our client’s motorcycle was knocked to the ground, and he slid across 40 feet of pavement. Even though he was wearing a helmet and full body armor, our client sustained significant injuries to his knee and his back. Our client sustained a right knee ACL tear requiring surgery and herniated discs and nerve root stretch injuries that permanently disabled him from working as a police officer. The City of Los Angeles disputed liability, saying that our client illegally swerved into the driver’s lane. The City further argued that out client had suffered from multiple preexisting and work related injuries over his twelve year career that caused our client’s inability to continue to work as a police officer. Our client had nearly $135,000 in medical expenses and $60,000 in lost wages. We hired a vocational rehabilitation and economic experts to calculate that our client had future loss of earnings of more than $2,000,000 as a result of his inability to work as a police officer. We participated in two mediations and one mandatory settlement conference before the trial judge, at which time the City offered only $250,000. On the day of trial, the City finally agreed to pay $2,300,000 to resolve our client’s case.
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$1,250,000 – Motorcyclist Suffers Elbow & Knee Injuries Left Turn Accident

Our motorcycle accident attorney recovered the full $1,250,000 insurance policy limits for our 23-year-old USC college student. He suffered severe elbow and knee injuries when the defendant driver made an unsafe left turn in front of our client riding his 2006 Suzuki motorcycle. The accident occurred at the busy intersection of Madison Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance. The defendant attempted to make her left turn on a yellow light and failed to yield the right of way to our client who was traveling straight. Our client was thrown over the vehicle and hit the pavement. Initially, the defendant disputed liability, claiming our client ran the red light, but we persuaded her insurance company to accept responsibility for the accident. Our client sustained a left knee dislocation including tears to his ACL, PCL, medial meniscus and lateral meniscus requiring two knee surgeries with hardware installed. He also sustained a fractured left elbow requiring two surgeries with hardware installed. There was approximately $118,000 in past medical expenses with Kaiser Permanente. We significantly reduced the reimbursement of medical bills so that more of the settlement funds could go to our client.
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$312,000 – Over Policy Limits Recovery for Knee Fractures

Our client was a 50-year-old academic college counselor who was traveling northbound on Chatsworth Drive on his 2006 Suzuki motorcycle. He came to a red light and stopped when he was rear ended by the defendant, a 94-year-old man, driving a 1994 Cadillac. Our client was ejected from the motorcycle striking the pavement. He suffered injuries to his neck and back, a comminuted complex severe right tibial plateau fracture and proximal tibia fracture. Our client was hospitalized for one week and had surgery to his right knee to repair the fractures. Our client was advised he may require a right total knee replacement surgery in the future as a direct result of the accident. There were more than $178,000 in medical expenses. The defendant driver had a $300,000 insurance policy that we obtained in settlement for our client. The defendant also contributed $12,000 of his own money to the settlement. Our client’s health insurer requested reimbursement of the medical expenses from the settlement proceeds. Mr. Corwin dramatically reduced the reimbursement to the health insurer, which substantially increased the net settlement for our client.
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$250,000 – Motorcyclist Recovers Policy Limits for Shoulder Injury

Our motorcycle accident attorney obtained the maximum $250,000 insurance policy limits from the defendant driver for our client who injured his right shoulder, neck and back. Our client was injured when his 2008 Yamaha motorcycle was struck by the defendant’s 1993 Jeep Cherokee when the defendant unsafely changed from the right lane to the left lane on eastbound Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles. Our client was ejected from his motorcycle by the force of the collision. There was approximately $43,000 in medical bills, primarily for the cost of his arthroscopic shoulder surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff. The defendant driver disputed the cause of the accident and the nature and extent of our client’s injuries. After our investigation, we were able to persuade the defendant’s insurance company to accept liability, and we settled the case providing our client with a full recovery for his damages.
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