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Truck & Bus Accident Results

$2,750,000 – Bus Passenger Suffers Broken Neck in Rollover Crash

Our bus accident attorney successfully negotiated a $2,750,000 settlement at mediation for our 46-year-old construction worker client who suffered serious and disabling spinal injuries and a traumatic brain injury as a result of a rollover bus accident. The bus driver fell asleep at the wheel; the bus veered off the roadway and rolled down an embankment. Our client was transported by helicopter to the hospital and underwent cervical spine fusion surgery at three levels to repair a broken neck. He was hospitalized for a total of 34 days. A life care plan we prepared demonstrated that as a result of his injuries our client would require $1,680,000 in future care and that he would no longer be able to work due to his injuries and disability. The defendant bus company argued that our client was an alcoholic, who had been arrested on numerous occasions, had been in and out of jail, had a sporadic work history and therefore should not be compensated for lost wages. The hospital records also demonstrated that our client had ingested cocaine shortly before the accident. The defendant contended that any disability was a result of our client’s long history of drug and alcohol use and not from his injuries. Not only did we overcome these defenses to get our client compensated, but we demonstrated that the bus company acted in reckless disregard for the safety of its passengers since a second bus driver was on the bus and failed to relieve the first driver who was clearly overtired. Our settlement fully compensated our client for the care he would require in the future and offset the loss of his inability to work.
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$1,000,000 – Victim of Truck Rollover Accident Who Sustained Eye Injuries

Our truck accident attorney won a $1,000,000 policy limits settlement for our 44-year- old school bus driver client who sustained serious eye injuries, facial lacerations and shoulder injuries when her Suzuki Samurai collided with an overturned tractor trailer on Highway I-80 on a moonless night. The Highway Patrol determined that our client was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the collision. Our investigation demonstrated that the truck driver had been driving excessive hours beyond what is permitted by law, and fell asleep at the wheel resulting in his crash and overturned big rig. We proved that the defendant trucking company was grossly negligent for violation of multiple state and federal laws relative to “compressing time” while driving, by forging the truck driver’s log book because he was exceeding the number of permitted hours per day. The defendant initially disputed liability contending that our client should have been able to see the overturned truck on the highway and safely stop the vehicle unless she was speeding or not paying attention. We overcame these defenses and established that our client would no longer be able to work as a bus driver since her best corrected vision would be less than 20/40 in her right eye, the minimum requirement for school bus drivers. The trucking company was held fully accountable for our client’s injuries and resulting work disability.
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$375,000 – MTA Bus Rear Ends Car Resulting in Shoulder & Back Surgery

Our 63-year-old client was a passenger in a car that was rear ended by an MTA bus on the I-10 Freeway, resulting in neck and back injuries and a torn shoulder rotator cuff, both of which required surgery. We recovered $375,000 for our client just a few weeks before trial. The MTA admitted it was responsible for the accident but that the physical impact was minor resulting in less than $2,000 in damage to the vehicle in which our client was a passenger. The MTA was so adamant on this issue that it retained the services of both a biomechanical engineer and accident reconstruction expert to attempt to show the impact was minor and that the injuries could not have resulted from it. Furthermore, the MTA argued that our client’s need for surgery was unrelated to the accident because he had a long history of degenerative spinal problems, including spinal stenosis. The case settled in Court before the trial judge who was convinced by our arguments and we persuaded the MTA to fully compensate our client for his injuries.
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$325,000 – Truck Driver Injured When Second Truck Crashes Into Him

Our truck accident attorney negotiated a $325,000 settlement for our 56-year-old truck driver client who was injured while driving his 18-wheel tractor-trailer. Our client was struck by another truck driver who had lost control of his 18-wheel tractor-trailer, pushed our client’s rig off the road and then rolled over and caught on fire. Our client had to leap from his flaming truck before it exploded and was completely destroyed. While the defendant driver and trucking company accepted responsibility for causing the accident, they disputed the nature and extent of our client’s claimed injuries. Our client was treated in the emergency room for cuts, bruises and scrapes and was released the same day. Several weeks later our client initiated therapy for his left shoulder and back injuries, and later discovered he had a left shoulder labrum tear requiring surgery. Our client also had a disc protrusion at L4-5 requiring two epidural injections. The defendants initially offered $75,000, but our truck accident attorney aggressively fought for full compensation for our client and ultimately obtained the $375,000 settlement.
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