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Client Testimonial | Scott J. Corwin

Video Transcript

[Beginning of Client Testimonial audio] [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Scott J Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, Personal Injury Attorneys] [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Cleveland, Motor Vehicle Accident Victim] Cleveland: I was sitting in my hospital bed with a lot of worries, wondering what was gonna happen with work, with my hospital bills piling up, and my sister, who had a friend that worked with Scott and had great results referred me to him. I called him in my hospital bed, and he assured me that everything would be taken care of. [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Kaitlin, Motor Vehicle Accident Victim] Kaitlin: I found Scott as attorney through a Google search. He – I just searched high rated lawyers in the Los Angeles area, and he came with very great reviews. Based off of reading his web site and the reviews that I found, I hired him. [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Oscar, Motor Vehicle Accident Victim] Oscar: While I was being represented by different attorney, they were non responsive, I mean, the communication wasn’t there. So a close family friend referred me to Scott. [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Elizabeth, Motor Vehicle Accident Victim] Elizabeth: I did some research online. I didn’t know where to start. And I read his reviews, and they were all very good. And so I just took a chance on him, and I got really lucky. He was great. Kaitlin: My experience with working with Scott was that he’s very thorough. He was very on top of our case. He treated me like I was important, even though we had a small case. And he was just a very good lawyer. Elizabeth: My experience with Scott was, as soon as I met with him he basically took over from there. I didn’t have to worry about any doctors appointments or where to go or who to see. He took care of everything. He sent me to all the best doctors. And they got me out of pain. Cleveland: And being in the medical industry and very selective who I work with, and everybody that he referred me to was amazing, from the doctor who examined me, to the doctor who completed my surgeries. Oscar: My experience with Scott was great. I mean, he was responsive. His communication was there. I could get a hold of him any time of the day, any time of the week. He was great. Cleveland: The best part about working with Scott was I didn’t feel like I was just one of his clients. I felt like he was truly advocating for me. He consistently asked me how I was feeling, and very much cared about my well being, more than he did the case. [GRAPHIC: SJC LAW, Scott J Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation, Personal Injury Attorneys] [End of Client Testimonial audio]