What is your case worth? | Scott J. Corwin

Video Transcript

[Beginning of Case Worth audio] [GRAPHIC: SJC Law, Scott J Corwin, A professional law corporation, Personal injury attorneys] [GRAPHIC: Scott J Corwin, Attorney at Law] Scott J. Corwin: There are many factors that go into determining the value of your case. The most important, of course, is what is your injury. Besides that the amount of you medical bills, whether you’ve lost time from work and if so, how much money have you lost. [GRAPHIC: Scott J. Corwin with clients, More than 20 years experience, Over $70,000,000 recovered, Helping more than 2,000 clients] In addition, whether you may require medical care in the future, it’s cost, whether you need time off work in the future because of a disability and finally your general damages for your pain and suffering. [GRAPHIC: Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Avvo Rating, 10.0, Superb, Top attorney car accident, Super Lawyers, The National Trial Lawyers, Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Scott J. Corwin] Initially we meet with you and conduct a thorough client interview to gather the facts and information we need to help you. Next I secure you medical attention you need. Even if you don’t have health insurance we can still get you a doctor, then we’re gonna gather the necessary documentation and other evidence to prosecute your case. [GRAPHIC: Shot of reception area] Here at Scott J. Corwin, a professional law corporation, we’ve recovered more than $65 million. We know how to maximize results for our clients. [GRAPHIC: SJC Law, Scott J Corwin, A professional law corporation, Personal injury attorneys, www.sjclaw.com, (800) 946-9440] [End of Case Worth audio]