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Los Angeles Motor Vehicle Accident Blog

Driver accused in mass pedestrian accident has history of DUI

California’s criminal justice system has many functions. One of them is to try to prevent dangerous people from harming others. The system is not perfect, and sometimes people with a record of putting the public in danger continue to do so, until innocent people get hurt.

Recently, a car accident in the Los Angeles area injured 13 people, including a woman who suffered a serious head injury. Police say the driver was intoxicated and has a criminal history that includes DUI, hit and run and driving without a valid license.

Study touts drug as potential spinal cord injury treatment

We have spoken before in this blog about how announcements about scientific breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research tend to produce a lot of hype in the moment, but rarely seem to lead to real results for those living with such an injury. Still, a new study may be of interest to victims of spinal injury in Los Angeles, or their loved ones.

A researcher in Ohio says that a drug he helped design has helped paralyzed lab rats regain nerve function, even walk again in some cases. According to NPR, the scientist published his findings in the latest issue of “Nature.”

Study sees link between teenage brain injury, drug use

Traumatic brain injuries such as concussions can affect the human brain in ways were are just beginning to understand. A new study suggests that, for teen TBI victims in California, it can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.

Researchers examined data from an ongoing study of drug use among high school students in Ontario, Canada. They selected 6,383 teens’ medical history. All of the subjects were in ninth through 12th grades. Some of the teens had suffered a serious TBI, which the scientists defined as knocking the victim unconscious for at least five minutes or forcing them to spend at least one night in the hospital.

Los Angeles one of the deadliest U.S. cities for pedestrians

Los Angeles residents have a reputation for driving everywhere, but sometimes we must walk to our destination. And when Angelinos try to cross the street, they are at more risk of getting killed by a car than anywhere else in the U.S., except for New York City.

That grim fact comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation, which announced in a report that 99 pedestrians were killed in auto accidents in L.A. in 2012. According to L.A. Weekly, only New York, with 127 fatal pedestrian accidents, was more deadly for walkers that year. The state of California had the most pedestrian deaths with 612; Texas’ 478 deaths was second-highest.

Attorney: Tracy Morgan may never recover from truck accident

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury can be a slow, frustrating process. Though medical intervention and therapy can make a difference, there is much that remains mysterious about how the brain heals.

Some victims are eventually able to go on with their lives more or less as they did before their injury. Others never fully regain significant cognitive function, or must deal with headaches, light sensitivity and other common symptoms for years afterward.

Distracted driving common outside of California schools

Distracted driving is always unsafe, whether you are cruising down a busy freeway or alone on the road in front of your house. Of course, the more pedestrians and motorists that are around you, the greater the number of potential victims for the negligent driver who puts texting with friends above public safety.

Even worse is putting children at risk of serious injury by committing distracted driving in front of a school. Sadly, this thoughtless and reckless behavior is quite common in California, according to a study conducted by the Allstate Foundation.

News about spinal injury 'breakthroughs' often lead to little

People living with paralysis and their families no doubt follow stories of medical breakthroughs regarding spinal injuries with great interest. We have shared such stories in this blog before, in the hopes that they would be interesting to our readers.

Stories of new studies into treatment or cure of the effects of a spinal cord injury seem to make headlines regularly. Still, there remain numerous people in Los Angeles and around the world whose ability to move is partly or almost totally compromised. Besides perhaps giving them a vague hope that progress is being made, the lives of spinal cord injury victims seem to be largely unaffected by this research.

Mild brain injury may trigger dementia in older victims

We all fear developing some form of dementia when we get older. Alzheimer’s disease and similar conditions can rob us of the golden years we hope to enjoy, by taking away our memory, cognition and ability to live independently.

Though researchers around the world are looking for ways to treat or cure dementia, there is still a great deal we don’t know about these neurological disorders. However, a new study suggests that head trauma, even a relatively mild one, can raise the chances that a senior citizen develops dementia.

Keeping abreast of unique distracted driving cases

There are many laws that dictate how Los Angeles drivers should act on our roadways. These are put in place to keep everyone on and around the road safe. Readers can easily list off the most commonly known laws related to speeding, seat belt use and obeying traffic signs, but they may not be aware of a multitude of other laws that work to keep us safe.

For example, most states have outdoor signage rules. These are put in place so that outdoor advertisements do not pose a risk to drivers by distracting them from their driving duties. A recent incident that happened in another country is a shining example of why these types of rules are necessary.

Los Angeles donut shop the scene of a fatal SUV accident

The road is not the only place where victims can get hurt by a motor vehicle. Crashes sometimes happen in parking lots, on sidewalks -- and even inside buildings, on occasion.

Any time a driver causes a wreck, there is a good chance someone else gets injured. This is certainly the case when people are inside a public building, such as a business. No one inside is likely expecting or prepared for the possibility of a car or truck suddenly crashing through the wall.