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Drunk driving crashes spike in Los Angeles on Super Bowl Sunday

New Years Eve is behind us, and it may seem like holidays associated with drinking and driving are over for awhile. But yet another drinking holiday is coming up this Sunday.

Yes, it is almost time for the Super Bowl. Attending a party for the NFL championship is so ubiquitous that Super Bowl Sunday has become a de facto American holiday. And drinking in front of the television is one of the Super Bowl’s most common rituals.

Disfiguring injuries can cause intense emotional pain

Some car accident injuries are invisible to the naked eye, but nevertheless cause permanent disability. Others are only skin deep, but affect the victim in dramatic, life-altering ways.

People who have no significant scars or disfigurements may think that those who sustained these types of injuries in a crash got off easy. And it is true that a disfigurement may not affect your memory or ability to walk as other injuries do.

Defense Dept. committee issues new TBI treatment for military

Because their heads get battered more often than the average person, much of the research into brain injury over the last few years has focused on athletes, particularly football, soccer and hockey players.

Of course, amateur and professional athletes are not the only ones risking brain health on a regular basis. Members of the military, particularly those serving in a war zone, sustain brain injuries frequently. And treatments that seem to work in the sports world may not apply when it comes to ensuring that a traumatic brain injury victim is ready to return to combat.

3 killed in pedestrian accident outside of church

Not long ago, we discussed how Los Angeles is one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians in the country. Readers can check out that blog post here. Today, we have a sad example of the deadly effects of a pedestrian accident from the just-completed holiday season.

A group of people had just attended a Christmas pageant at a church in Redondo Beach when they were hit by a car at an intersection of Pacific Coast Highway. Three women were killed. The husband and three children of one of the deceased were hospitalized, including one boy who was in a coma as of Dec. 18.

New NHTSA app helps you find a ride after your New Year's party

New Year’s Eve is a big night for drinking and driving, as party-goers try to drive themselves home, despite being over the legal limit. More responsible people will arrange for a designated driver, or plan to take a cab home.

But if the night takes you to an unfamiliar location, how can you direct a taxi or friend to where to go to pick you up? The government says it has a solution for everyone with a smartphone.

Hit-and-run bicycle accidents are going up in Los Angeles

First, the good news: The Los Angeles Times reports that hit-and-run car accidents in Los Angeles County have dropped by 30 percent from 2002 to 2012. Now the bad news: hit-and-runs involving bicycles have jumped 42 percent over that same time period.

How could both of these trends be true at the same time? L.A. has spent the past few years encouraging bicycle riding, adding more than 120 miles of bike lanes to make doing so safer. The number of people in the city who commute by bike is increasing, according to federal data.

Driver accused in mass pedestrian accident has history of DUI

California’s criminal justice system has many functions. One of them is to try to prevent dangerous people from harming others. The system is not perfect, and sometimes people with a record of putting the public in danger continue to do so, until innocent people get hurt.

Recently, a car accident in the Los Angeles area injured 13 people, including a woman who suffered a serious head injury. Police say the driver was intoxicated and has a criminal history that includes DUI, hit and run and driving without a valid license.

Study touts drug as potential spinal cord injury treatment

We have spoken before in this blog about how announcements about scientific breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research tend to produce a lot of hype in the moment, but rarely seem to lead to real results for those living with such an injury. Still, a new study may be of interest to victims of spinal injury in Los Angeles, or their loved ones.

A researcher in Ohio says that a drug he helped design has helped paralyzed lab rats regain nerve function, even walk again in some cases. According to NPR, the scientist published his findings in the latest issue of “Nature.”

Study sees link between teenage brain injury, drug use

Traumatic brain injuries such as concussions can affect the human brain in ways were are just beginning to understand. A new study suggests that, for teen TBI victims in California, it can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.

Researchers examined data from an ongoing study of drug use among high school students in Ontario, Canada. They selected 6,383 teens’ medical history. All of the subjects were in ninth through 12th grades. Some of the teens had suffered a serious TBI, which the scientists defined as knocking the victim unconscious for at least five minutes or forcing them to spend at least one night in the hospital.

Los Angeles one of the deadliest U.S. cities for pedestrians

Los Angeles residents have a reputation for driving everywhere, but sometimes we must walk to our destination. And when Angelinos try to cross the street, they are at more risk of getting killed by a car than anywhere else in the U.S., except for New York City.

That grim fact comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation, which announced in a report that 99 pedestrians were killed in auto accidents in L.A. in 2012. According to L.A. Weekly, only New York, with 127 fatal pedestrian accidents, was more deadly for walkers that year. The state of California had the most pedestrian deaths with 612; Texas’ 478 deaths was second-highest.