You've Just Been in a Motorcycle Accident, What Do You Do Now?

That above blog headline regarding the proper steps to take following a motorcycle accident comes with an obvious caveat, namely this:

Maybe you do nothing.

And the reason for that is clear enough. The aftermath of a bike accident is often quite severe, given a rider’s comparative vulnerability. Many accident victims suffer serious crash-related injuries and are hardly in a position to take purposeful action of any sort in the wake of an accident.

For those riders, there is simply a single and compelling concern: getting immediate medical treatment.

Of course, motorcyclists are also involved quite often in fender-benders with passenger vehicles that are of a less harrowing nature, with all parties emerging relatively unscathed from the encounter.

In such an instance, and as we note on a relevant page of our website at the Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Scott J. Corwin, a motorcyclist should reasonably attempt to gather accident-related information in the event he or she is able to do so.

As we point out on that page, doing so “can have a positive impact on the success of any future claim [a rider] may file.”

As a motorcyclist, what should you be focused upon?

For starters, calling the police might be a thought that crosses your mind, especially if any party was injured (to any degree) and/or if crash-related property damage is at all discernible.

Additionally, do not wave off any offer of witnesses to make a statement about an accident, especially if the facts are in your favor. Get names and accounts in writing.

And, if a camera is available, take pictures. Photo evidence of a crash site can be compelling.

It is also important, obviously, to exchange driver information and contact your insurance company.

Following through, too, with a proven personal injury attorney can help ensure that your version of an accident is fully presented and considered and that your best interests are promoted with insurers and in the event a lawsuit is filed.