Case Results

Listed below are a sample of noteworthy settlements obtained on behalf of our more than 3,000 clients categorized by type of accident. Although the cases listed on these pages produced substantial recoveries for our clients, our firm is dedicated to representing anyone injured, no matter how small the injury. Our client’s receive personalized attention by our founding attorney, Scott J. Corwin, regardless of the size of their case or level of injury. This is the most significant reason we can deliver an outstanding level of service to our clients. Our results reflect that exemplary level of service.

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Brain & Spinal Injuries

$3,400,000 Twelve year old boy suffers traumatic brain injury from fall
$2,750,000 Fractured neck and mild brain injury from rollover bus accident
$2,300,000 32 year old off duty police offer sustains low back spinal injuries
$2,100,000 Traumatic brain injury from motorcycle accident
$1,000,000 Moderate brain injury after real estate investor struck in head
$780,000 Retired man suffers brain injury when his car rear ended
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Car Accidents

$1,250,000 Head on car collision results in major shoulder and ankle injuries
$1,000,000 Minor rear end auto accident results in neck and back surgeries
$1,000,000 Eye and facial injuries result from auto accident
$780,000 Rear end car crash results in back injuries to 77 year old rancher
$410,000 College professor suffers low back injuries from left turning car
$350,000 Two minor rear end accidents result in back surgery
$310,000 Minor side swipe accident causes neck injury to 47 year old woman
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Motorcycle Accidents

$2,300,000 Motorcycle hit by lane changing car causes knee and back injuries
$2,100,000 Motorcyclist hit by left turning car results in traumatic brain injury
$1,250,000 Left turning car cuts off 23 year old USC student on yellow light
$312,000 50 year old man ejected from motorcycle when rear ended
$250,000 Lane changing car strikes motorcyclist resulting in shoulder surgery
$200,000 Motorcyclist struck in intersection sustains torn ACL
$175,000 Pick up truck strikes man on Harley causing neck and back injuries
$160,000 Motorcyclist struck by car making an illegal left turn
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Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

$1,000,000 Ferris wheel accident injures 42 year old father in front of son
$850,000 Eight year old boy killed running across street
$675,000 Movie star makes illegal left turn striking two women in cross walk
$500,000 Pedestrian struck by car suffers significant leg fracture
$370,000 Retired 89 year old woman knocked over by car in parking lot
$365,000 Elderly woman run over by car while in cross walk
$230,000 Bicyclist injured by auto making right turn into gas station
$100,000 Car strikes 46 year old bicyclist in bike lane while turning right
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Truck & Bus Accidents

$2,750,000 Rollover bus accident injures 46 year old construction worker
$1,000,000 Disabled big rig on highway injures 44 year old woman
$375,000 MTA bus rear end collision injures passenger in automobile
$325,000 Collision between two tractor trailers results in shoulder injuries
$200,000 Eighteen-wheeler makes illegal left turn injuring 32 year old plumber
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Each claim is unique and the amount our firm may recover for you depends on a number of factors, including the nature, severity and duration of your injury; the amount of your medical bills; future medical costs; lost wages; impairment of future earnings; limitations and restrictions to your daily activities and your pain and suffering. Your recovery can also be affected by who may be responsible for your injury, as well as whether you bear any share of the responsibility for causing your own injury. The amount of insurance coverage may also affect your recovery. Get a free case evaluation by calling Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation. The best way contact us is to call toll free to 800-946-9440, or contact us online today.