The 2 Gadgets You Need to Cycle Safer Today

More tools and gadgets may not make you a better cyclist, or better split-second decision making, but there is a myriad of tools to help increase your visibility to those with whom you share the road. It is important to remember that riding defensively on well-lit streets is always your best option for completing your ride accident free. In this post, I will highlight the usefulness of some gadgets you can use to alert drivers of your presence on the road.

1. Smart lights are a fantastic way to increase your visibility and alert drivers of your intentions on the road. While some companies make smart lights that can replace your grips and turn them into turn signals, other options exist. For example, Bluetooth connected rear-lights can highlight turn arrows and indicate your next move to motorists behind you. Additionally, similar Bluetooth technology can be used to activate directional arrows on your helmet.

2. Bike horns allow drivers to know of your presence without being able to directly see you. While you never want to be in any driver’s blind spot for longer than you have to, using your horn to alert a driver that their maneuver would jeopardize your safety could prevent an otherwise avoidable collision. Your horn can also be used to alert drivers of others on the road. If you see an inattentive driver enter an intersection in front of a pedestrian, you can use the horn to prevent an accident.